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  • Double Suicide

    Double Suicide


    "Neither kind advice nor reason can gain the ear of one possessed by the god of Death."

    Based on an 18th century play, the story follows two doomed lovers, a paper merchant and the prostitute he loves towards their, no spoilers here unless maybe it's the title, grim and harrowing death.
    If the story wasn't disturbing enough, director Masahiro Shinoda takes the story, one usually performed with puppets, populates it with live people and then intersperses the brutal narrative with…

  • Sanshiro Sugata

    Sanshiro Sugata


    Kurosawa's first director's job. Probably for the completist only, but it has much goodness, especially the final match between the eponymous hero and the creepy-as-fuck guy who dresses in Western clothes.

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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    It's Hammertime.
    Easily, the best film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe--an assertion I feel completely justified in making since you get to hear Bruce Banner say the line, "Hey guys, we're coming up on the Anus!" The handlers of the MCU finally understand what it takes to make a comic book movie: strip away the scowling, the darkness, and the weighty political messages (Thor3's is subtle and kind of insane, but a nice change) and just make something wacky as…

  • Menashe



    A very quiet, tender movie--shot on location in Brooklyn amidst the Hasidic community there, with all non-actors, and with Menashe's (the actor) story similar to Menashe (the character) story.
    It's simple: a Hasidic widower wants his son to live with him but the ruv and the kid's uncle doesn't think that's such a good idea since Menashe is a shlimazel. Menashe tries hard to prove he's a good father while drinking 40s with the Hispanic stockers at the grocery store and refusing to wear his rekel and hat.