All That Heaven Allows ★★★★

I mentioned this in an earlier review, but forcing myself through Criterion's shifazzle in order is really opening my eyes to films I would have never dreamed of watching, much less liking, a decade or so ago. A goddamn Rock Hudson technicolor romance? Whafuck! I just remember Ron and Nancy and Rock at the White House when he became the first famous person to die of AIDS back in the 80s. Wait, he was gay?
Well, that makes him an even more amazing actor, because he certainly woos the shit out of Jane Wyman to the breach in this goddammically wonderful movie.
Also, it's nice to see a film about an older person falling in love. Hollywood's youthful beauty clones are shams and it's a treat to watch a believable love story unfold, especially this one happening in the context of a whole bunch of people who think it's pretty much the worst idea ever. Throw in a little Thoreau and some silver spruce and you're good to go. Much recommended.