The Queen's Gambit ★★★½

Not only there's Anya Taylor-Joy that makes The Queen's Gambit sorta deserved the hype, but its also because its actually a pretty good show.

I tried to watch something thats sorta trendy right now because these few weeks I didnt watch some new stuffs that much and I also dont want to miss anything. Well speaking of the show itself, I think its pretty fine at the start but I think episode 5 is the moment where shits getting more real to me. The first four episodes is still good but sometimes I still feeld a little bit off and doesnt seems that interesting but atleast at the end those episodes are pretty much have my attention.

All the actors are pretty much did a great job to played each of their characters thats been written. The editing is also great imo, love that chess match sequences with Beth and Benny in Ohio. The soundtracks choice are pretty great too!!

So yeah I guess thats it, I guess maybe its time for me to try and visit

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