My Soul to Take ★★★

"If things get too hot, just turn up the prayer conditioning."

I think a defining characteristic of a ton of films from this generation is that, the majority of them are incredibly messy. Messes have existed before, but these are all messy in similar ways (pacing, editing, etc). And we're willing to overlook some (Halloween 2018, superhero films, etc) because of their IP while condemning others (The Wolfman 2010, this one, etc). 

God, My Soul to Take is a MESS, causing absolute whiplash every few minutes, but for that it is NEVER boring and pretty damn engaging the entire time. Craven was always an idea man, and even his less successful efforts are just overflowing with a dozen interesting ideas, and this is no exception. It makes so much more sense looking back and knowing this was written with a head full of tumors. I'm still not sure why there's a whole subplot devoted to California condors (something to do with Native American lore surrounding them being keepers of souls), I'm not sure why an entire movie takes place in the first ten minutes, I'm not sure why the kids talk so funny, but I'm glad it's in here! I'm glad everything is in here!

"How about a blowjob?"
"How about I have my dog bite it off an bury it in the backyard?"
" big is your backyard?"

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