Stake Land

Stake Land ★★★½

Stake Land could not have come out at a different time. Riding the wave of Walking Dead, fighting for a place among the endless deluge of morose post-apocalyptic stories, and being helmed by Fessenden’s reliable indie-circle, the movie ultimately works better when viewed at a greater distance from its release. Post-apocalyptic stuff is not my sub-genre, but as a check-list clicking series of cliches, it’s head and shoulders above so many of its kind.

This probably cost a hand sandwich, but it says a lot that you can’t really tell. The cast is rock solid, the episodic set pieces pack a punch, an atmosphere is maintained throughout, and it all takes place in a constantly gorgeous rural setting. I guess Pennsylvania is more consistently pleasing to look at than Georgia. 

The movie’s biggest hinderance is that it cannot escape the fact that it feels like a season of tv that’s been cut down to an hour and a half. I would much rather watch 10 seasons that take place in this world than the one AMC kept going for far too long. Then again…I probably wouldn’t actually watch all of that.

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