Szamanka ★★★★

Zulawski: “This film should speak for itself”
Me: 😳

okay, this is the horniest movie ever made. I’m not kidding.
It’s more Devil’s Honey than Devil’s Honey. It’s absolutely insane...and this is coming from a massive Zulawski fan! Although it doesn’t hurt that I haven’t watched any AZ in a while. If you’re anything like me and you’ve watched a lot of movies and occasionally like to dip into the cinema of witch-doctors for some refreshing otherness, check this out if you can find it.

Can I talk about MondoVision for a bit? I implore anyone who knows more about this process and these companies than I (so pretty much all of you) to comment on this review and clear some stuff up. 
I used to bow before MV for the work they’re doing. And it really is quite awesome that they’re putting a ton of work into remastering all of Zulawski’s movies and even more work into their packaging it seems. I used to thank the movie gods for them because I believed otherwise these movies would be lost.
Is that truly the case though? Because now I’m feeling more like they are holding these movies hostage.
We’ll most likely never get Szamanka or any of their releases pre-Possession on Blu-ray—and this DVD transfer isn’t anything to write home about. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for years (YEARS) for any further word about their “Polish” trilogy collection (which includes the late director’s unfinished and nearly lost sci-fi epic The Silver Globe) and I’ve heard rumblings that they’ve run out of money. So now it may TRULY be lost with the exception of that print that toured through Texas once like 5 years ago and never since. 
Anyone with knowledge of updates, please hit me up.
Rant over.