Captain Marvel ★★★½

On behalf of people everywhere, I’m sincerely sorry about all the outrage of white men who are trying to act as if Brie Larson is some sort of racist against white people for her comments about a need for more equality in Hollywood interviews?? Are u serious??? HOW?? SHES LITERALLY WHITE THO?? Oh my goodness. Why are people so offended in 2019 by a female led superhero movie? THIS MOVIE LOOKS LIKE A BLAST, AND BRIE LARSON IS GREAT AND IS SPEAKING NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. LEAVE YOUR SJW NONSENSE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Update now that I’ve seen the film; It’s fun and it’s got a lot of heart to it. Brie Larson is wooden at times but still has her moments and shows great potential for her future in the MCU, Samuel L Jackson is awesome here with Nick Fury as it’s a much more light hearted version of his character then usual. The visuals are spectacular at moments and underwhelming in others, and I had a great time watching this. It’s not the best movie the MCU has to offer, but it’s a fun 90’s set movie that is worth seeing.

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