“All the power to all the people.”

The Good:
BlacKkKlansman is a film fueled by intense & burning emotion. Each scene is charged with frustration; that’s what gives the film the energy to tell it’s incredibly interesting story. The almost non-existing political contrasts between this early post integrated U.S and the present was thought provoking.

While emotion is core of BlacKkKlansman, technicality is not completely out of the picture. Every single actor is perfectly cast & the direction is visually striking. 

The Bad:
BlacKkKlansman has some awful pacing issues that litter the second act. The film would have benefited from some sort of breathing room. 

I also feel like we didn’t spend enough time with our protagonist; we would’ve been so much more invested had we spent more time with him.

Fun Fact:
David Duke did not discover that Ron Stallworth was a black man until 2006, when a reporter contacted him for his side of the story.

Would Recommend!

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