Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66

“She brings the sunshine to a rainy afternoon; She puts the sweetness in, stirs it with a spoon. She watches for my moods, never brings me down; She puts the sweetness in, all around. She knows just what to say to make me feel so good inside. And when I'm all alone I feel I don't want to hide, hide, hide.”

The most poetic and powerful demonstration of loneliness ever put on film. The pure vulnerability of the characters and their arcs adds an extra level to each character unlike any film I’ve seen.

From babbling unbearable narcissist to sympathetic pathetic loner, Billy Brown’s transformation is so seamless you cannot even pinpoint when the flip happens.

Vincent Gallo’s performance speaks great lengths once you dig further than the constant belittling and incoherent requests. 

Never once feeling as if ink was put to paper, the words flow within a barrage of emotions, with a genuine inflection always ringing.

Would Recommend!

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