Clouds of Sils Maria

“It's theatre. It's an interpretation of life. It can be truer than life itself.”

A picture-perfect portrait that intermingle the art and character through oneself in a melodic way I haven’t seen done better by anyone other than Bergman. The reflections of past are so supple and patiently captured through oblique walls. Olivier Assayas melds this intimate yet universal experience using this fictitious script in this fictional film to express such deep rooted emotion.

The talent between Val — or what we perceive as Val — and Maria (Stewart & Binoche respectably — is palpable and electrifying. The loose story told mostly through these interactions is so ambitious and it payed off full-force. The introduction of Jo-Ann (Moretz) is such a breath of fresh air; she shakes up the pacing at *just* the right time. All these emotions bubbling with these ambiguous intentions lead to a soft yet thrilling experience. Cannot wait to revisit.

Would Recommend!

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