Get Me Roger Stone

Get Me Roger Stone ★★★

“America may be collapsing and braking apart, but Roger Stone is determined to enjoy it.”

The Good:
Regardless of your stance regarding Roger Stone he is definitely an entertaining and fascinating political case study that is definitely worth a feature film and the information is displayed seamlessly.

Roger Stone is one of the most eccentric interviewees I’ve ever seen and every scene with him is incredibly memorable, entertaining and terrifying considering his power.

I like how the film while slightly biased attempts to get the full array of opinions on Roger Stone to create a full idea of how this man is perceived in his realm.

The Bad:
Get Me Roger Stone is an incredibly formulaic and paint by numbers documentary. I felt like 30 minutes in we had just been going through the motions.

I feel like the more interesting elements of the plot weren’t emphasized and other elements dragged on. I feel like the time distribution was poorly done. 

There are many clips and images that are reused over and over again to an annoying degree.

Fun Fact:
Roger Stone says many times that he does anything except breaking the law but he was recently arrested.

Would Recommend!