Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

“It'll be just like in the movies. Pretending to be somebody else.”

The Good:
Mulholland Drive’s cryptic script is absolutely revolutionary. I want to be completely transparent so I need to say that I actually rewatched the first hour after sleeping on the film. Aspects of the film that are seemingly pointless are carefully curated and have a specific purpose narratively and thematically. Things that seem unnatural make sense in this hazy dream David Lynch created. Lynch strikes such an unsettling mysterious tone that is incredibly gripping. Mulholland Drive is so compelling, it it one of the shortest feeling 2 1/2 hour films I’ve ever seen. 

David Lynch continues to use disturbing imagery with anxiety inducing editing to play with our emotions and expectations. I adored the almost omniscient dreamy camerawork. Lynch uses the runtime to his advantage and never wastes a frame. 

Every single performance is so perfect in the context of the film. They’re odd, off-putting and it works because of the added context of the third act. Naomi Watts is incredibly menacing in the third act and performance makes so much more sense knowing what you know by the end of the film. Laura Harring does a complete 180 with her performance between acts and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. 

The Bad:
On my first watch I didn’t notice anything I disliked about Mulholland Drive.

Fun Fact:
David Lynch originally wrote the basic idea for the story in the early 1990s, as a spin off of Twin Peaks. The character arc of Betty in the movie was written for Twin Peaks supporting character Audrey Horne, who would have been the central figure of the proposed spin-off.

Would Recommend!

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