Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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Bring a little lovin' I feel fine

First and foremost I want to thank you all for 1,000 followers! It may not seem like much but it definitely means a great deal to me, and it’s great to know people are actually reading, and are hopefully enjoying my reviews. 

On to the film: Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood on 70mm is one of the most enjoyable and breathtaking things I’ve got to see at a cinema. I’m aware that the constant droning about 70mm can be incredibly irritating and watching this film digitally is still a great watch. However, seeing it on film really is that final push into the immersion that completely made me forget about 2019 for nearly three hours.

Before seeing this I thought the “Once Upon a Time” was simply an homage to some Tarantino’s favorite films by Sergio Leone, but the title of this film is more important than I realized. This really is, above all, a fairytale. Really loved this journey back to 1969 and hopefully I’ll catch it again in the cinema once more, though it’s only showing in digital at my local cinema, but I’m grateful for The Music Box Theatre for giving me such amazing experiences. 

Would Recommend!

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