The Hidden Fortress

“What you make of another's kindness is up to you.”

The Good:
Akira Kurosawa has crafted another genuine film of grandiose proportions. His craftsmanship absolutely shines once again in the form of excellent filmmaking.

Just like every other Akira Kurosawa film I’ve seen the plot is incredibly compelling and has great twists and subplots.

Every performance throughout Hidden Fortress is so memorable; I felt like everyone contributed a ton to the film.

The cinematography and lighting in Hidden Fortress is absolutely gorgeous, the lush lighting against stark blacks made for a beautiful and dynamic viewing experience.

The Bad:
Most of the character writing in Hidden Fortress is inconsistent and jarring. I felt like they often did things out of character.

There is a tone of exposition and useless dialogue throughout the film that is so frustrating and ruined the tone of some scenes.

Fun Fact:
Akira Kurosawa made this commercial and accessible film as a way to repay Toho Studios for allowing him to make riskier, more artistic fare such as Rashomon

Would Recommend!

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