Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

”We crave mystery, ‘cause there’s nothing else.”

A unique and visionary neo-noir that surpassed my expectations in nearly every way. A voyeuristic, cryptic and insatiable adventure much like Eyes Wide Shut; though they have much different goals. David Robert Mitchell accomplishes so much by saying so little, showing every breadcrumb comes at a price. Under the Silver Lake’s muddled beginning begs you to go that much further to to uncover what’s beneath.

A tributary praise and critique of the idealistic Golden Age overfilled with Vertigo-Esque charm and sleaze. The film almost feels like it’s teasing you; leaving you with a myriad of clues, some benign charming idea to classic cinema or pieces from David Robert Mitchell’s past work while others are essential pieces to the fundamentals of the mystery.

This author’s opinion is that our lead may be unreliable, encapsulating this cryptic tone thematically and narratively allowing the pace to feel necessary. In the end, Under the Silver Lake was brutally handled in terms of distribution and deserves more coverage. A layered and cryptic mysterious singular piece of vision with talent behind and in front of the camera. 

Would Recommend!

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