We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★★

“You don't look happy.”
      -“Have I ever?”

Lynne Ramsay’s We Need to Talk About Kevin is a seminal piece, a film not only about the titular character and his actions but something more, something that asks to go further. There’s this haunting universality of the titular character; I don’t mean that as relatable obviously, I mean that he is such a blank slate and he has a knack for flipping from the happy-go-lucky guy in your History class to when he’s with his mother and that is devastating.

Lynne Ramsay has such a tasteful staggering take in terms of presentation. There’s so much empathy behind and in front of the camera. There’s so much contemplation in this picture and that’s why it works so well for me. In the hands of another filmmaker this could feel so boring and meandering but, there’s this contemplation that has these brief moments of terror that remind you why you’re caring. There’s this desire that’s ultimately not even the point, this desire to understand why. 

My one  — robin hood adjacent — complaint does contradict the point of the film, though it isn’t too major. Overall We Need to Talk About Kevin is one of the finest films of this century; thoughtfully performed, unbelievably presented and unabashedly singular, We Need to Talk About Kevin is everything a character study should be and more.

Would Recommend!