The Babadook ★★★★

First things first: The Babadook is not a horror film. It features some horrific images sure, but this is not what the promotion suggests.

This is a brooding, deeply saddening and poignant character study. A deep, personal and troubling psychological drama weighted by two complex and expertly crafted characters.

Jennifer Kent's film lingers with dread, slinks with suspense and keeps you on your toes, but it does so with suggestion; playing the mind as brutally as that of her long-suffering mother and son.

Essie Davis is remarkable - truly Awards worthy - as Amelia; a walking easel of sorrow bitterly coloured by damnation and misfortune. She is just excellent.

Noah Wiseman is ANNOYING AS FUCK, but that's the point, and damn he is great.

This is a fantastic film that all should see, just don't expect a true horror...

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