Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

I would say pretty similar in terms of quality and it’s flaws to the first, but the action set pieces were slightly more fun and creative, also the jokes were funnier, and the characters besides Peter (Meaning that Peter got well fleshed out in both of these movies, where the support was much better handled in this one) felt a little more fleshed out. The cinematography and overall presentation remains the weak link in both of these films, with lots of flat close ups, quick editing, and a bland color pallet. The film really didn’t take advantage of the locations from a visual aspect. Still the writing gets why Spider-Man works as a character, and the conflicts of Peter Parker vs. Spider-Man remain well done, and interesting in this film. For hard core MCU the film also does nice building for the future of the franchise without feeling like it’s just some infomercial for other Disney products. Gyllenhal gives a really fun performance, and feels the role of The Vulture pretty well, as an actual decent villain that you enjoy while he’s on screen.

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