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  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    This movie is a rambling pointless adventure into needlessly gruesome territory. It is offensive in every sense of the word and watching it makes my stomach turn. It has no deeper meaning than its shallow and ugly facade.

  • Tiptoes



    Forget that this movie was taken from the directors hands and had an hour cut out of it. Forget that the entire conflict of the plot is genetically impossible. Forget that Gary Oldman's performance as a little person is insulting, and Peter Dinklage is relegated to a supporting role. Forget that Kate Beckinsale has a converstion about Matthew McConaughey about participating in a circle jerk with a bunch of little people when he was young, or that her biggest problem…

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  • Arrival



    A stunning and visually superb 'what if?' that challenges the traditional ideas of what first contact means. Additionally it challenges the idea of language and whether predetermined choices are truly a violation of freewill. Amy Adams is equally entrancing and gives a measured yet visceral performance. I'm sure none of this is news, and its likely all been said before, yet cliches aside this film is truly something to behold and would recommend it to anyone.