Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

I truly, sincerely hope that Promising Young Woman fulfils the inspirational and educational potential I think it can have on a section of society. Emerald Fennell’s feature-length directorial debut is a piece of feminist cinema that moves viewers with such an incomparable jerk to an extent of emotion that one simply doesn’t want to feel. Every single moment, element, shot, sequence, sentence and satirical reminder reflects one, holistic message that can be heard from the insurmountable heights and immeasurable lows this film will take you to. 

Inside my own mind, as someone of specific sexual identify, I like to differentiate between feminist cinema and feminist cinema, because when the latter is executed correctly, it can produce some of the most empowering yet self-disrespect inducing moments seen on the silver screen. Promising Young Woman, as a result of its sharp script, invasively accurate depiction of personal trauma in both primary and indirect victims and a leading cast that drives the story to whatever end it chooses to go, is one of the most moving pieces of modern cinema I have seen to date. The flurry of emotion I felt during my relatively packed cinema viewing only heightened my awareness of maybe the most unforgivable violation of another; a sure sign of effective filmmaking.

I can’t recommend sourcing this film, one way or another, enough. Promising Young Woman penetrates your sanity, gropes your most tender of reservations and washes away what veneration you may have for masculine humanity unforgivably. It’s a must-see. 

5/5 Cornflakes 

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