The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★½

*Marathon rewatch before Dark Phoenix*

I like this one more than X-Men Origins Wolverine. Sure it almost feels like a side story but it's a fun side story.

I absolutely loved the fight scenes in this one. Wolverine's fight scene on the shinkansen is my favorite out of them. Those things are crazy fast!

When Wolverine loses his healing ability, it brought me back to Logan. I also aplreciate them wrapping up with Logan chosing to live and letting go of his guilt for Jean's death.

Viper is pretty interesting villain and her abilities are cool. I think the effects for her snake skin is a much better use than other skin effects like Senator Kelly when his head turns to liquid in X-Men (2000) or the weird no wrinkles on Professor X in X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) at the end of that movie. Also, Yukio and Mariko were at least a little more interesting than Kayla in X-Men Origins Wolverine.

There are some beautiful scenes shot in this movie as well. So many impressive scenes in Japan. The architecture is nice to look at in the older Japanese style homes. Even the urban area set the mood for the film.

While this movie feels weird, I still had fun with it.

So, I started to realize the order I'm going with for my marathon rewatch might seem a little weird, but it's because of the convoluted movie timeline. There are different timelines and all that. I really don't understand why we can't just get a timeline that's a little more linear. Linear might sound boring but it can help focus all the movies into a larger overall theme. Maybe they can do that in the future now that Disney has the X-Men ball in their court.

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