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  • Twister



    A feel good hit of the 90s, you really can’t beat it. The cast is STACKED - you’ve got Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cary Elwes, Alan Ruck, etc. 

    The visual and sound effects still hold up 20 years later and some are better than ones I’ve seen in recent films.

    The scene at the drive through with ‘The Shining’ playing in the background? 
    Peak cinema. 

    On a side note - Did anyone else go on the ‘Twister’…

  • The Psychic

    The Psychic


    It’s kind of funny that going into this ‘Fulci Quest’ I expected tons of blood and gore from only seeing Zombie 2 and the Gates of Hell trilogy.... only to find out that none of Fulci’s other films have anywhere near that amount of carnage. Which is still fine because I’ve still really enjoyed the films, it’s just not at all what I expected. 

    The Psychic is no different in that regard, there’s really no gruesome gore except for one…

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  • House on Haunted Hill

    House on Haunted Hill


    Sure is a funky old house, ain’t it?” 

    This movie rules with every ounce of its Nine Inch Nails - late 90s aesthetic. The deranged quick cuts and sickly green color palette are just the tip of the iceberg for this gruesome 90s classic. 

    I’m not usually a huge Chris Kattan fan but I really enjoy his sardonic comic relief here.. and the verbal sparring between Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen is so sharp and fantastic. 

    The practical effects are…

  • Fried Barry

    Fried Barry


    This gets the Verotika tier rating. 

    I can’t wait to never watch it again. 

    Would not recommend to anyone.. 

    Even if I didn’t like them and wanted to waste their time.