Down to You

Down to You ★★★

An early 00s rom-com starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles that I haven’t seen?? Weird. 

This was kind of offbeat and I can understand why it never got the attention that it’s counterparts did. It’s told mostly in flashbacks from our two main characters speaking directly to the camera... a trope that really encapsulates the time. 

Here’s a breakdown of our main characters: 

Freddie Prinze Jr as the aspiring chef
Julia Stiles as the aspiring artist 
Selma Blair as a lonely adult film star 
Ashton Kutcher playing a musician named Jim Morrison with a penchant for eggs
Rosario Dawson as the stoner roommate 
Zak Orth as an upcoming adult film star 
Henry Winkler as a celebrity chef and Prinze’s dad

The soundtrack is full of familiar nostalgia - Vitamin C, Goo Goo Dolls, PJ Olsson, Deee-Lite, GusGus, etc... 

There’s even a ‘Man Show’ dream sequence and a scene at the airport shot with a 00s favorite : the shallow focus time lapse. 

This for sure isn’t my favorite rom-com of the time but it’s always interesting to revisit films like this that really capture a decade’s vibe.