Friday the 13th ★★

I think my biggest problem with this movie is Jason. They made him smarter since he’s not straight up invincible anymore. Jason having a full on underground lair complete with trip wires in the surrounding area that alerts him to near by people doesn’t feel like Jason to me. Even before he became zombie Jason in the originals, he lived through plenty of impossible wounds. He felt more like a unstoppable urban legend in those and here, he’s just kind of a hill billy serial killer. 
Final thoughts, there’s some spoilers. Not like those matter a ton in a movie like this though. Things I like:
-The guy from Supernatural’s character is the just the guy from Part IV but he has a point now and isn’t just another character to get axed. Good change! 
-Jason himself looks pretty alright. Hated the bag on his head at the beginning though. He looks kinda like Dark Man. 
-At first I thought all the kills were gonna suck. It was a lot of machete kills  after the 20 minute intro. This movie was definitely waiting for the last 20 minutes to get to the good ones. 
Appreciated all the callbacks to the classic Friday movies. Quite a few! 
Things I don’t like:
-SINCE WHEN does Jason keep prisoners. I get she she looks like his mom but then why did he chain the person he believes to be his mom? I guess you could say she kept trying to escape but come on man, I don’t think Jason would put up with that, He’s a killer. 
-All the frat guys and sorority girls are almost like parody’s of the characters from the 80s movies. And they were already cliches. Couldn’t wait for them to bite it.