Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster ★★

I reeeeally wanted to like this one! There is some Godzilla movies I really like but this one wasn’t really one of them. The first hour is really bizarre but not enough to be all that interesting. The monsters don’t show up till like 45 minutes in and then that’s only just to show that they are there. After their introduction they’re pretty much gone till the last 25 minutes and then they don’t really fight till the last 10 or 15. Keep in mind that the movie isn’t even 90 minutes! 
I think the low fi old school monster fights are actually really charming and I like how they didn’t necessarily let the technology of the time limit their creativity. 
My favorite part was definitely the conversation between the three monsters though. That was funny.
“Godzilla, what terrible language!”
From a film history perpesctive its pretty cool that the Toho movies were basically the original cinematic universe. Theirs an argument to be made that the universal monsters did it first, but I think Toho pretty much made figured out the marvel formula almost 50 years before marvel did. This would’ve been the Avengers. It came after 2 Godzilla movies, ome good and one bad (kinda like Iron man!), a Rodan movie and a mothra movie. I think their might be a Godzilla vs Mothra in there too but this was the original Avengers type movie! 
Just wish I liked it more.