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  • Waves



    Just the lamest shit. Unbelievably pretentious. Like someone gave the most annoying kid in your film production college course millions of dollars to extend a short film by two hours.

    Waited an hour for the film to kick its plot into gear, realized it was never going to, and then tried to grasp for anything. It does have some stirring visuals moments but it basically just coasts on the music. Like a big experiment to see how much emotion can…

  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    Lake Mungo has near single handedly fucked with my sleep schedule this week all by Ken Burns-ing some videos and photos.

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  • Heat



    In the films of Michael Mann, everyone is dead. They walk through the world defying death just long enough to chase what they're after. They're professionals who do what they do well, so well that any other life, no matter how tempting, simply can't suffice. Perhaps they're people like us, maybe only more principled, with more at stake. But in the cinema of Mann the thing that unites everyone is death, the light in the distance that reminds us we…

  • Obit


    I was the assistant editor on this film so obviously not gonna review or rank it. The Tribeca premiere was a blast though.

    I really hope you all get the chance to see the film however, we put a lot of hard work into it!