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  • All Creatures Here Below

    All Creatures Here Below


    Despicable shit. Poverty porn pure and simple that has no social message beyond, "Pity the poor and put them out of their misery" and revels in causing its impoverished and abused characters pain. Through a horribly miscalculated Of Mice And Men allusion, the ending basically implies that mentally ill people are better off dead than in an institution where they could receive treatment because they are just too broken. The filmmakers aim for poignant and tragic but instead create a vile, evil film.

  • Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    The gore is still transcendant as are the multitude political readings on this thing.

    I still prefer the lean brutal screed of Night to the rambling ambitious nature of this but the vision of four people finally being able to lead the consumerist lives they've always been told to lead as the world crumbles around them is obviously still palpable.

    Even decades later as capitalism has calcified in us to such a degree that we'll probably just sit scrolling through Amazon once hell fills up.

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  • Heat



    In the films of Michael Mann, everyone is dead. They walk through the world defying death just long enough to chase what they're after. They're professionals who do what they do well, so well that any other life, no matter how tempting, simply can't suffice. Perhaps they're people like us, maybe only more principled, with more at stake. But in the cinema of Mann the thing that unites everyone is death, the light in the distance that reminds us we…

  • Obit


    I was the assistant editor on this film so obviously not gonna review or rank it. The Tribeca premiere was a blast though.

    I really hope you all get the chance to see the film however, we put a lot of hard work into it!