Tombstone ★★★★

Wyatt Earp is certainly one of the most popular American figures of the 19th century and this cinematic glimpse into his life, albeit somewhat fictitious, manages to captivate most any type of audience. Earp has recently finished cleaning up Dodge City, Kansas of crime, both organized and unorganized, and has decided to move to Tombstone, Arizona with his three brothers to get away from law enforcement and to make some money off the silver being mined there. This all appears to be an ideal plan until the Earp brothers run into the Cowboys gang, who are basically just standard thieves who just happen to be gun-hands as well. Will Wyatt and his brothers step up and bring peace to the town of Tombstone? You'd be foolhardy to think that they wouldn't. Due to violence this one is not for children, but it should belong in every adult's film library.

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