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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    wasn't rating it. didn't for first 8 hours.
    i know my bias will be super generous that's why. but fuck it this is my favourite MCU.

    Not to vent but I've become too numb in recent time.
    Things barely seem to evoke any emotions.
    This though, I haven't been this emotional in a while.
    I somehow feel more human.

    fr was literally maniacally screaming crying throwing up ripping out hair chewing down nails ripping off cuticle skin sobbing hysterically scratching biting jumping out of a building punching kicking hissing slapping yelling shrieking cursing tearing up in the theatre.

  • Spencer



    If we lookback to those interview clips of Princess Diane, it's not so hard to notice her internal conflicts readily playing out on her face.
    It appears as if she's always on a brink of dissolving in her tears.
    Sparkle in her eyes,
    glimmer down her cheeks.
    A sorrow she seems to swallow down her throat.
    Her charm so emotive
    one can't help but sympathize.

    If you ask me to describe Kristen,
    I wouldn't utter anything remotely different.