Tenet ★★½

Was torn between a 2.5 and a 3.5, so I settled for a 3. Do I like it less than The Dark Knight Rises and Inception? It's hard to say because to be quite honest, this movie is empty. It doesn't scratch any itch that any previous Nolan film has. 

Anyone who says they "understand" this film is lying. Not because this film is too obtuse - but rather, this is a nothing movie that makes zero fucking sense. You can't follow along and accept the rules of this movie because there are no fucking rules. You'd think a film with this much exposition would make some kind of sense?

But to be fair, I feel the exact same about Inception. So I don't think this film deserves all the flack it's getting. Nolan has being doing this for a minute now - creating films that are pretty and pseudo-intellectual but hollow thematically and emotionally. It's only now that people recognize this. 

However, I do love the cast. And they don't do the annoying generic action movie overacting that plagued Inception, which is largely why I think I might prefer this. Still though, this film being as inoffensive as it is is such a disappointment. This should've been better. John David Washington deserved better. 

The score by Ludwig Göransson is so good that it almost makes me forgive him for stealing Nicholas Britell's Oscar. It's nice to get a breather from Nolan's collaborations with Zimmer which while great, often aren't the kind of film scores I return to. Sound mixing is awful, yeah yeah. I've already forgotten this film.

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