A Good Day to Die Hard


I'm just gonna paste my review from last year.

"Great name, atrocious movie. Bruce Willis sleepwalks through this garbage, giving no effort whatsoever. Jai Courtney is rectum. I'd never trust a man named "Skip Woods" to write my screenplay. Why hasn't Bonnie Bedelia been brought back at any point? She was a QT pie in 1988 and I'm sure she's at least as good looking as Bruce is these days. At least she'd be happy to be there. Is John McClane even a character anymore? He feels like a protagonist devoid of any distinguishing features whatsoever, especially since Bruce went bald. Also, this movie's editing and cinematography gave me AIDs and the writing gave me scurvy. I have two weeks to live."

Somehow, I am still alive but my quality of life has never been the same since.


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