The Disaster Artist ★★★½


I have to admit, I enjoyed it.

Far from perfect, and not as interesting as the book. But this is a James Franco movie, and from what I've heard about other movies he directed I'll take what I can get.

There were a few bits of bullshit that they made up, a few great parts they cut out, Greg's beard looked like shit, it was a little on-the-nose with it's predictions of The Room's legacy and some parts were a tad "lol remember this?" Franco is really not a great director and I feel the project would have been better handled by someone with more talent.

But overall, strong performances, very funny, had the right amount of emotional touch without being "sappy". It was a gift to Room fans everywhere and I'm happy with it.

And now I want, more than ever before, for someone to release that behind-the-scenes footage Tommy has.