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  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    Unfortunately this wasn't as spectacular as I thought upon first viewing, but I still love this movie. Toy Story 3 definitely drags more than the first two films due to its longer run time, but there is still so much to take out of this one including some heavy themes of growing up and moving on from who you once were.

    The best part about this movie is that it lands the ending of (what we thought was) the franchise.…

  • Toy Story 2

    Toy Story 2


    The humor of this movie holds up surprisingly well! Rewatching this movie in a post Disney-owning-Star Wars-world adds so much to this movie given how much satire they do off the franchise. And that opening sequence.... Kicks. ASS.

    The call backs to the original movie are all awesome and Jessie and the gang are a welcome addition to crew. My major nit to pick with the Toy Story sequels is the addition of a central big bad where in the original (aside from Sid) there isn't a true antagonist. This movie is still amazing and I love it deeply.

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  • Climax



    This movie literally gave me an anxiety attack in the theater while watching it. Despite that, this thing kicks so much ass. Gaspar Noé manages to make something that is mesmerizing, and at the same time, nausea inducing.

    One of the most well choreographed films I've ever seen. Noé's direction forces you to watch some of the most captivating and repulsive imagery in recent memory and I found myself completely unable to look away the entire time. The music beats…

  • Vice



    I'm very conflicted about this one. I both feel like I need to see it again and also have no desire to ever see that again given how angry it made me. Bale and Adams are phenomenal. The direction is....... less so. So many random cuts to disaster footage or random other shit that only hit about 50% of the time. The best laugh comes about halfway through the film with a certain premature ending that had everyone in my…