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  • Undercover Brother

    Undercover Brother


    Happy 50th to Eddie Griffin! We literally haven’t seen haven’t seen this movie in at least 15 years. As I’m pretty sure that we actually saw this film in the theater back when we lived in our old home town of Florence, SC! My remember remembered the bits the mayo had he constantly how Eddie Griffin has to constantly chomp down on glorious gobs of the condiment! I want to state for the record what a glorious cast of African…

  • Staying Alive

    Staying Alive


    You’ll have to forgive for backdating some of these by a day. So we in fact watched all of these films yesterday. I can’t quite poo poo all over this film. This turned 35 yesterday as a matter of fact! It was pretty fun! It’s crazy how many dancing movies that Cynthia Rhodes was in the 80’s including a year before Flashdance! It’s no surprising that Paramount would do a 5 year later sequel after Saturday Night Fever was such…

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  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


    Well I promised in my epic review of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
    That I was gonna revisit this not so classic film that caused both Sean Connery and director Stephen Norrington to both retire from filmmaking! To this day neither one has made a feature film! This just happens to coincide with it’s 15th Anniversary! And yeah, this wasn’t so hot! I at least have to give this film credit for having a fun cast. At least! Just…

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit


    Today is in fact the 30th Anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit! I’ve had the Bluray primed and ready to go for this special occasion! The meta-aspects of this Toon Town are pretty hysterical! The opening animated segment that opens the film is pretty phenomenal in itself, a concept that they would reuse in a couple of Disney films over the years. This film is simply phenomenal and I don’t think I’m gonna change my mind about. I would have…