Conan the Destroyer ★★★½

I'm continuing my journey through the cinematic legacy of Conan by watching its 1984 sequel. Dino De Laurentis got the gang back together, minus John Milius (who was probably off filming Red Dawn) but the late Richard Fleischer was a pretty manly substitute. This also saw a big time reduction in rating from an R to a PG (the PG-13 didn't exist yet) but I actually benefited from this by getting to see it in the theater at the age of 9. So this one gets a nostalgia bump for being my first experience with a Conan film. And yeah, you can tell that it's a bit campier and goofier than the original (with most of the comic relief coming courtesy of Malak the thief) but I think this one has a lot to offer. I mean Grace Jones and Wilt Chamberlain are in this in supporting roles for crying out loud and I love that they brought Mako back from the original. There is actually still a good bit of blood in this for a PG film, including even some beheadings (hey it was the 80's, were they didn't yet care about being PC or sparing kids from this stuff). Gets another bump for Arnold going 2-0 against camels in these Conan films. Sadly, I don't know if we'll ever get another Conan film with Arnold in it but I'm gonna hold out hope!

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