Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★½

Actually saw this film last night and I’m still trying to process it. Seen in Real 3D to get those Regal points! I thought this was OK and the 3D did help me enjoy more than I normally would have. There’s just a LOT going on in this film! I’m still in the process of reading the book, which is over 580 pages long. I did like this Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke were both good as the leads. It seems everyone in this thing! T.J. Miller does a voice. Simon Pegg is in this. And I think this was Spielberg’s third collaboration with Oscar Winner Mark Rylance as he was also in Bridge of Spies and the BFG. In this one he plays the role of Halliday. Anyway, this REALLY shows off it’s 80’s and 90’s look up there on the screen. Doloreans. King Kong. Mechagodzilla, The Iron Giant, and even a T-Rex shows up in this thing. It’s like both decades just puked all over the screen! I can kind of dig this world where anybody can be an Avatar. I especially liked the little homage that they did to The Shining as well. So there you have it. Just like with most movies, the 3D did help me enjoy this a little more than I normally would have! I’m kinda shocked that John Williams didn’t do the score for this film. But honor went to the always great Alan Silvestri, who has composed MANY a great film over the years! And of course they had to make use of a non-sexual “fuck” in a PG-13 film. I also enjoyed seeing Ben Mendelsohn play a corporate stooge as well!

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