Return to Horror High ★★½

Horror Rewind 1987. This turned 30 back on February 20th. George Clooney actually puts in an early appearance in this film. I’ll get to his second a little later this Fall. We actually watched this film a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to watch it again to get myself refamilarized with it for this review. A series a murders took place at Crippen High and I’m afraid that they are happening again! 😱 Anyway, it’s got a pretty fun cast (including now 93 year old Al Fann) but things don’t get interesting until Marcia Brady herself (Maureen McCormick) as Officer Tyler shows up all covered in blood. This really isn’t that great of a horror film but I did appreciate it as a spoof of all the Slasher films that came before it and also dug some of the meta-qualities of this film. This was written/directed by Bill Froehlich and I have to give this credit for being his film debut. For a film that is over 31 years old now, the only person gone is the always great Alex Rocco as slimeball producer Harry Sleerik. The scene where the killer dissected the Biology Teacher alone was something!