Rumble Fish ★★★★

It’s also the 35th Anniversary of Rumble Fish! I’ve had this Criterion version of this classic film. It’s cerainly a more R rated version of the Outsiders (which I just watched back in March). Notable for language and the fact that there is actually some nudity in this film as well. I’m totally in love with Diane Lane, who would have been like 62 when the they filmed in 1983. Even Francis Ford Coppola’s own nephew Nicolas Cage is in this film! It’s just a smorgasbord of great actotors in this. And this was my second Matt Dillon sighting as he was also in There’s Something About Mary (which I saw a somepoint in the summer of 1998). And this was my second film with this Glen Withrow as he was also in the Outsiders as well. For a film that is 35 years old, we once again, have a sighting by the late Chris Penn (who was also in my review of All the Right Moves). Dennis Hopper is gone as well having died in May of 2010 from prostate cancer. Also quite sad. So only a few people gone, which honestly, isn’t too bad. There are actually some interviews on this disc annd commentary as well. I don’t think I’m gonna listen to that though.

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