The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

I’ve watched this a couple times over the last couple of days now to get a better handle on it. So this was my second film from this Johannes Roberts guy! My original review of his 27 Meters Down can be found here!
I think I liked this just slightly more than that film! Rated R for language and the various killings that happen. These Strangers are seriously off the hook! I’m gonna celebrate the original as Part of a Horror Rewind a little later this Fall. At least this was written by Bryan Bertino to help link the 2 films together! This is another one that I had to catch up with on Home Video and I’m kind of glad that I did as this has a whole host of entertaining supplements on it, including an unrated cut of the film I guess? Anyway, I just thought this was “OK”. Didn’t really blow me away though. Naturally, neither one of the parental units make it out of this film alive! Naturally these “Strangers” get their comupence in the end! It certainly has a great 80’s soundtrack to it! Director Johannes Roberts does an interview here describing his affinity for the 80’s songs in this film! He was obviously a BIG fan of Jim Steinman, of which MANY of his songs are played throughout this film! Including Total Eclipse of the Heart AND Air Supply’s Making Love Out Love Out of Out Nothing At All!

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