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  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • Auto Focus
  • Fight Club
  • Heathers

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  • You Hurt My Feelings


  • Soylent Green


  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


  • Disclosure


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  • You Hurt My Feelings

    You Hurt My Feelings


    'You Hurt My Feelings' is a bittersweet, observantly deipnosophistic dramedy from indie darling Nicole Holofcener. With her latest slice-of-life, the acclaimed writer-director is omnivorous to the critiques of vocations like interior decoration, acting, etc. and how it is hardly "constructive" to the recipient.

    David Cross and Amber Tamblyn's connubial relationship off screen intromits into the contumelious couple at therapy. When Jonathan (Cross) and Carolyn (Tamblyn) regrettably battologize that "we could do this at home", it's a pungent statement on the…

  • Soylent Green

    Soylent Green


    The black-and-white tintype photos of the past century and the piano score must've been a muse for the credit sequence of 'Cheers'. My biggest regret with procrastinating my initial viewing of the plexiform, albeit tardigrade 'Soylent Green' is that I errantly missed the futuristic 2022 time stamp. Edward G. Robinson is enjoyably curmudgeonly as Charlton Heston's bellicose partner. For as much flack as Heston receives, he is actually quite restrained in this.

    Sadly for us but accurately apocalyptic for the…

Popular reviews

  • The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid


    'The Little Mermaid' is a handsomely kaleidoscopic, although quasi-desultory live-action reclamation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Pacing-wise, the cutaways back to the kingdom beneath was fluidly curt.

    The adscititious Lin-Manuel Miranda songs don't entirely desiccate the Alan Menken catalogue but they do unnecessarily pinguefy the story's brevity. "Wild Uncharted Waters" is an addendum that is rather dulcet. Halle Bailey's rendition of "Part of Your World" is a crooning show-stopper and in her acting debut, she's splendiferously gaminesque.


  • Paradise City

    Paradise City


    'Paradise City' is a varicose, occasionally, entertainingly sordid VOD reunion between John Travolta and Bruce Willis were it not for their truncated screentime. Travolta slurs uncomfortably as the minatory tycoon on the island and Willis is spectral after the first five minutes.

    In light of Willis' destabilizing aphasia diagnosis, the temptation is that adminiculating with Travolta and director Chuck Russell would stratify this above a Maui vacation on a geezer-teaser budget. Alas, other than lush shots of the beach and…