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  • Brain Donors

    Brain Donors


    Without a doubt, one of the most excruciatingly unfunny comedies I've had the displeasure of seeing. Turturro is bedewed in flop sweat as the literal "ambulance chaser". None of the jokes are remotely clever or faintly amusing. As an ode to 30's slapstick, it is a testament how rare it is to replicate.

  • So Fine

    So Fine


    An irrationally porous screwball bedroom farce that zigzags at vaudevillian velocity, Andrew Bergman is almost derelict to Ryan O'Neal in the opening outside of his feckless attempts at tenure. I suppose a sign for the steam room that is emblazoned "guests must wear suit and tie" is a loopy visual gag however it is mortifying next to the Zucker Bros. output. Why exactly does Mr. Eddie (Richard Kiel) stipulate that Bobby (O'Neal) should be indebted as well? Surely, Bergman could've…

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  • Westworld



    Whereas the HBO television show took the quaint premise of an oater amusement park and retrofitted it into a dynamically cerebral science-fiction omnibus, the original film is a palatably tongue-in-cheek potboiler. The banjo music as the participants refashion themselves into cowpolk is especially campy.

    Clearly, the Michael Crichton picture is superannuated due to the horrendous green-screen projection of the Delos airship. Adjudicated based on assertions and diagrammed body language, Yul Brenner's gunslinger was the influence for Arnold Schwarzenegger's android performance…

  • The Outfit

    The Outfit


    John Flynn is mostly known as a testosterone journeyman alongside the ilk of Sam Peckinpah and Sam Fuller. With his paunchy belly and horseshoe balding pattern, Duvall is more of a disillusioned basketball coach than a larcenous avenger. In the intervening years, The Outfit might have oscillated from hard-boiled originality to phlegmatic predictability. Other than a few zingers, Donald Westlake's script isn't fraught with internecine wit.

    When Duvall interrupts a poker game with gangsters, it is an inferior version of…