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  • Monsoon Wedding

    Monsoon Wedding


    Scavenger Hunt #42: 16/30
    Task #4: A film about a woman of color that is directed by a woman of color

    I wasn’t sure I was going to like this at first because I generally hate movies where the main people go against what they truly want to appease their family. Because fuck that. But once I got settled in with the characters, I was charmed. The family dynamic was sweet and even through all the ups and downs of all the different relationships, everyone got their happy ending. 

    Also shoutout to Ria. 🖤

  • Death of a Cheerleader

    Death of a Cheerleader

    Scavenger Hunt #42: 15/30
    Task #12: Any lifetime movie

    Ugh. No.

    I wish Angela was around to stab me to death before I sat through this piece of garbage.

    Speaking of garbage, Tori Spelling sucks.

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  • It's a Disaster

    It's a Disaster


    Scavenger Hunt: 14/30
    Task #11:  A Dark comedy

    Decently funny but I like my dark comedies to be pitch black. This was more of a grey. I still enjoyed it though. The ending was the best part.

  • Possession



    Scavenger Hunt #42: 10/30
    Task #10: Pick one of Guillermo del Toro's favorite films

    The only thing I knew about this going in was that it involved sexy time tentacles. And yet, I was still not prepared for whatever the fuck I just saw. 

    But I’m pretty sure I liked it anyway. Mostly sure.. I think.