Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★★

The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.

An adolescent classic that sparked my love for film over ten years ago, that spoke to me as someone struggling through an identity crisis I didn’t know I was going through.

And it still slaps. Donnie Darko if anything resonates with me more now, as someone in their late twenties who’s come more to terms with who they are, but is still desperate and searching.

There’s something bitter and unpleasant about the detractors of Donnie Darko, but something I can still understand. About it’s frequent corniness (although it is often deliberate and more satirical than on surface level), it’s clumsy plot and acting. But Donnie Darko is so special and earnest, and at the end, is a very simple film that is desperately searching and gets there.

All Donnie Darko wants is for the pain and sadness to stop. Not just in him, but in all the broken people around him. This is a film that is so empathetic, so resonant with its audience. It’s just a wave of recognition.

Added to my hypothetical Utopian Cinema list.

I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief...because there will be so much to look forward to.

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