Men in Black

Men in Black ★★★

This was a crazy good movie when I was a kid. One of my favorites. Will Smith is the shit in this and his chemistry with tommy lee jones is incredible. The aliens are wacky and the soundtrack is great. How does it stand 11+ years later? Most of it still works, the script is amazing; I was laughing my ass off. It never took itself seriously. The movie is still pretty relevant with the underlying messages about xenophobia. Acting all great. That being said the film starts to feel a bit cliche during the climax. Damsel-in-distress-with-a-big-bad-cgi-villain-trying-to-destroy-Earth type shit. Just in comparison with the originality the rest of the movie had, it felt a little underwhelming. Honestly the movie was a bit better when I was 7. But the ending was perfect and made me want to watch the next two. Good quarantine movie.