Housebound ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

I'll admit, horror comedy generally isn't my favourite. I'm just not that much fun. However, this one had such a bizarre sense of humour that I actually enjoyed it. Any Australian/NZ movies or shows I've seen have a certain something to them that I really enjoy - the pacing, the humour, the characters, the dialogue, etc. There's a certain charm.
If you're expecting this to be straight up horror, it isn't. It has some scary aspects (that robot doll was straight up terrifying), some tense moments, good gaslighting of Kylie, and it starts off supernatural but actually goes on to explain all of those things.

My version of the plot: woman gets put on house arrest in haunted house, house isn't haunted cause a guy lives in the walls, tries to solve the case of the murder that happened there earlier, mom is pretty funny, dirty cops, all based on dentures