Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

i havent seen this for sooo long and i never could remember any of this movie, so i was like ‘hey lets watch this again’. it definitely holds up to what everyone says about it, which isn't surprising, but i still expected it to be a little more boring, just bc some wes anderson films tend to be a little slow. this movie is the opposite, its so interesting and action filled, not to mention the gorgeous shots. i think my favorite scene was when mr fox and rat were fighting in the sewers while being electrocuted? i didn't even understand it very well, but the flashes of light that left them suspended in air were just perfect. i dont really see the deeper meaning, but that may just be because i haven't seen this since i was like 7. maybe another watch and i can appreciate the deeper existential meaning, but for now i will appreciate the pure joy this movie made me feel

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