Annette ★★★★

Now you have nothing to love.

And the award for the weirdest film of the year goes to... This was another one of my most anticipated films of the year. After seeing this film, I just want to see everything that this director has ever made. He has such a unique point of view and voice. This was like a meta, deconstruction of the musical genre. Will definitely not be for everyone.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this film was the music. It was so good and catchy. And this is one of those films that just felt the most like a stage play. And I just love films that feel like plays. It felt like an opera odyssey. It was sometimes giving me The Phantom of the Opera and I love that so much.

I must say that every time that baby Annette puppet showed up, I was like NOPE. Such a creepy aspect of the film, but it works because it is done for a very specific reason. And that ending scene and song was just so good.

A film I don't know if it will be nominated for anything for Oscar season, but I'll be rooting for it. if it is. I could see it being nominated for Best Actor for Adam Driver and Best Cinematography. Leos Carax just gives you amazing cinematography every time.

Interesting that Leos Carax thanked Edgar Allan Poe in the end credits. Hmmm...

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