Hereditary ★★★★

You didn't kill her. She isn't gone.

I think I watched Hereditary with too high of expectations. I really love A24 and Toni Collette. The trailers looked really good and people were giving the film 5 stars on letterboxd. I also read that people were leaving halfway through to throw up because it was so gorey and fucked up to the point where people were saying "what is wrong with this director". That really intrigued me.

But Hereditary wasn't that gorey and I've seen scarier movies. The few gorey scenes that the film did have were great, but there were only like 3 scenes. This film had pacing issues and I don't even know if I'd really call this a horror film. It has horror elements of course. Let's just say it is an A24 horror film, which, again, I do love. And in this film the director basically put every single horror genre within one film. And the main horror genre that was the most prevelant, I'm not really a big fan of those types of horror films. I do like that going into this film you don't really know what type of horror film it is based on the trailers, but also if you don't like these types of horror films, you might not like this one.

The pros of this film: Toni fucking Collette. She was amazing and I just want her in all the horror films now. She is a force to be reckoned with. Milly Shapiro was the creepiest part of the entire film and I'm gonna be tongue clicking for weeks now. Another pro is that I love how hectic the final act was, but that could also be a con of the film in ways, because it was all over the place.

Overall, the film is unique in many ways even though it does follow some traditional horror movie tropes and isn't as gorey as people hyped it up to be. But the performances are great and it's A24.

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