Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★★½

''It is our moral obligation to go and see this movie written and directed by a real Bla... I mean, person of color. We're going to make history.''

This is gonna be may be my longest review yet, because I just have so many thoughts on how this film and the characters are interpreted by critics and the audience. So, I will be talking about certain scenes below.

This was so fantastic. So intense. So emotionally exhaustive. As soon as it starts you don't catch a fucking break. Zendaya gives the best performance of her career and one of my favorite performances I've ever seen. I think both Zendaya and John David Washington should both be nominated at the Oscars.

This isn't as artsy as I expect from Sam Levinson, but as usual, he delivers a great film. I've seen all his films now and all of them, including Euphoria, being polarizing to the critics and audience. This is probably one of my favorite films from him. This film is talent. It's top-tier acting in it's entire runtime. They both play such flawed characters in a toxic relationship.

I keep seeing so many people misinterpret the character of Malcolm saying that it is a projection of Sam Levinson, because he based it on an event that happened in his real life. But I think people are also forgetting that Marie exists... I think people see it as pretentious because the dialogue is pretentious, because Malcolm is unbearable, pretentious and narcissistic. And Malcolm acts this way over a positive review, not a negative one.

It does not surprise me that a film about a narcissistic character that ''calls out'' film critics, and also talks about race and politics is hated by people on this site who critique films and film critics... There's people calling it inauthentic, I feel like just to spite it because Malcolm said authenticity is a word used when you don't know what to say. Then there's people saying poc in their reviews instead of black, when that's literally called out in the film. This really is full circle. After all the reviews of this film, it really is a satire in itself. Everyone writing their reviews are becoming or they are the people that Sam Levinson is mocking and people hate to be called out.

Zendaya... Zendaya... she's so talented. Zendaya is my vote to win Best Actress at the Oscars. Anyways, Marie calls out everything that Malcolm is saying about the critics, showing you she is the antithesis of Malcolm. She agrees with everything the critics are saying, even pointing out the flaws of Malcolm's thinking .... ''Marie shares the same criticism as the critic for Malcolm’s film, but takes it one step further and says that, 'My problem with you as a filmmaker is my problem with you as a human being’. It gets to this idea that if we’re unable to hear critique then we’re unable to grow as artists and human beings.''

There's also the duality and hypocrisy of it all. For example, criticizing Barry Jenkins for being straight and making Moonlight, but then Marie saying Malcolm's film would be better with a female director, because of his use of male gaze, while telling the story about this female character.

And just to leave it at this quote that is written about the film, ''Marie agrees with the critic and that’s why I don’t necessarily know why it would be hard to review in that sense. I’m not sure everyone sees it that way but it’s an absurdist scene at its core. I always go back to the idea that Marie agrees with the critic! I think it’s quite evident that Marie is the gravitational pull of the entire piece and that she is what holds everything together, whether or not she was getting the credit for it.''

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