BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Will be thinking, processing and discussing this films ending for a long time. Oh fck.

I felt sick to my stomach and I had chills all over my body. The audience was completely silent and shaken by the powerful message in the end. Trump’s America: racism and hatred is still flourishing in the streets and the juxtaposition between the film and the real life footage in the end with the upside down American flag was jawdropping. I am speechless.

Laura Harrier was a godess and is definitely my new crush. Adam Driver is litterally becoming a A-list actor in Hollywood swinging between huge blockbusters and smaller indie films, he so talented and such a chameleon. John David Washington was such a great lead actor in this movie and I can't wait to see more of him.

As usually with Spike Lee movies, he manges to combine extremly heavy and serious topics with humor which makes it for the audiences (what I believe) easier to process. Like most of his movies, it brings up socially and culturally important points, topics and thoughts that we still discuss today; much has changed, but also so little has changed. It’s sad and scary.

Also, I am in love everything that is the 70s. So the clothes, styling, cars, music and everything just gave me so much joy. I really enjoyed this.

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