Vox Lux ★★★★½

Absolutely intoxicating. This was so bold and brave. I feel cheated on, confused and lightened up. The movie throws you against the wall and reinvents itself when you think you have finally figured it all out. Somehow this felt like the future of film and glance into tomorrow.

Natalie Portman delivers one of her best acting performances throughout her career. She is raw, hungry and unapologetic. She takes turns that I never thought she would. It’s terror, drama, fame, parenthood, PTSD and pop music blended in a mad but absolutely brilliant storm.

Young and traumatized Celeste played by Raffey Cassidy was incredible built up and the carryover to older Celeste by Natalie Portman was done beautifully. Jude Law was a great supporting actor that helped bring the whole mad whirlwind to the ground. Willem Dafoe narrating the story was just the cherry on top.

God, this was insane. Pure madness. The soundtrack and pop songs are just TOO catchy.

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