• Conan the Barbarian

    Conan the Barbarian


    Greatest movie of all time. Crom laughs at your other attempts at cinema. Laughs from his mountain. Watched on vhs at 3 am in my candle lit dorm room. Unintentionally double featured with Apocalypse Now, just felt like watching my comfort movies... not sure what that says about me. The world of Conan has always fascinated me more than any other high fantasy. A strange pre-historic world firmly rooted in reality but with rare uses of gods, monsters, and magic used in…

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    I know it’s supposed to be spooky season but I just felt like watching a lazy Sunday morning comfort movie and had the strongest urge to watch The Good, the Bad and the Ugly I couldn’t resist. 

    I rate a lot of movies 5 stars. It’s an easy impulse when a movie clicks with me and is everything I wanted to see that night even if it’s not actually perfect. This movie is one of the few I would call…

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    Can’t think of a better film to watch for both the first day of October and my first day in the George A. Romero filmmaking course in Pittsburgh. A gruesome movie that still remains relevant. First time I saw this the ending depressed the hell out of me and it still leaves me shook.

  • The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

    The 7th Voyage of Sinbad


    A glorious swashbuckling adventure. The stop-motion monsters from the mind of Ray Harryhausen are incredible. They have so much emotion and fluidity. Their appearances are the true highlight of the film but the rest is no filler. My favorite character was Sokurah, the devilish magician, master of Eldritch sorcery. Who uses his knowledge of arcane arts to take on the hostile world before him. Also really liked Princess Parisa, who spends most of the movie in a shrunken 6-inch tall…

  • Frankenstein



    Had a dream earlier that I was sharing a beer with Frankenstein so decided to do just that. Beautiful film.

  • Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

    Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth


    The once coldly ominous, business-like cenobites are reduced to gimmicks (CD cenobite? Really??) spouting quips as they stroll down the street blowing up cars. Expected the Avengers to show up to stop them. Was afraid this would happen at some point in the series. In the first Hellraiser the cenobites are some of the most intriguing creatures ever put to film but now they've devolved to goofy villains. All that said, Hell on Earth is still a trip to the…

  • Dragonstrike



    Watched at 3am on my cracked phone screen. 

    Both an instructional video for a 90s ttrpg and a demonstration of said game using live action and computer graphics. Four friends take on the classic fantasy roles of Thief, Warrior, Wizard, and... Elf(??) and together they venture out to roll the dice and save the kingdom from the forces of evil. Watching this feels a bit like playing Daggerfall. It looks cheap and goofy but it’s charming high fantasy and that’s enough for me. 

    Watch it here: youtu.be/FF1_IHliRhI

  • VFW



    My dad and I have been meaning to watch this together for a few weeks now, him being an active VFW member and me being a fan of these types of movies. Unoriginal in every aspect but carried by the charming lead cast. A group of old war buddies suddenly turn into Frank Castle killing machines when their VFW post goes under siege. Delivers on the practical gore though I wish it reveled in it a bit more. We had a fun time with this.

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    Going in I did have some notion this was the black sheep of the Halloween franchise both from talking to people in person and from what I’ve read online. Wow people really like to hate on this movie and I don’t get it. I love Michael Myers as much as the next guy but I’m also satisfied enough with his story and the first two films are perfect enough that I think it was a great idea to try turning…

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Surprised to see this flows so seamlessly from the first one. Especially enjoyed the first 20 minutes as Myers lurks suburbia giving us a perspective of his predation. We get little glimpses of the world this inhabits and it's become clear Halloween 2 exists in a sadistic mean-spirited cartoon version of the first one. Dr. Loomis is right; Myers is no man but an evil and curious creature who turns the hospital into his own lair of torment. Donald Pleasence's…

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    A creepy nightmare of a movie with no hope in sight. Some college friends go on a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods and from the onset it’s clear there’s no comfort to be found. Even the piece of jewelry Ash gives Linda is fucking ugly. Bruce claimed they picked that necklace with the weird little magnifying glass because the original plan was for the sun to shine through it at the end and burn the Nercronomicon. He…

  • The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent

    The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent


    Had to see this because of the title. 
    It was pretty bad but the giant sea serpent ends up devouring most of them so... 3 stars